My work so far

I did one of these on my old blog but most of you probably do not know it so this is (insert title)

This is all my work up to early 2013.

These were done for my university application. I am a huge fan of scifi and I learned a lot working on these projects.

I put a green screen into my living room with markers on it so could move the camera around. You can see the video in my old showreel.

I also started looking onto fluid simulations. Still very simple, but these are the very first results I put anywhere.

I was and still am working on an animated short. I created this bathroom for the film, it is still a work in progress but I rendered it for my university application.

The films priority has changed a lot and I will not work on it for a while, but next year I will probably be able to work on and present another one of the sets for our interior lighting assignment at uni. Here you can see an AO render of the work in progress.

In the last couple of years I spent a lot of time learning how to destroy things. I enrolled at VFXLearning, where I learned so much about fluid and particle dynamics in Maya. These are some of the RND results.

My cabin destruction video was created completely in Maya. The rigid body simulations were done with Pulldownit and the fluid simulations with Maya fluids.

I have been looking into Houdini for a while because for my upcoming film I wanted to improve my skills a little more. Hopefully I will be able to present some of the results very soon.

So this is my work so far, I hope you like it. I have been working on some really cool stuff lately and I will soon be able to present it here. See you next time.

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