Burning Skies WIP #1

Hey everybody. I thought I´d post an update on my current project. I just finished the first rough cut and planned all the VFX shots. The exciting part can start. Here are a few snapshots:

I teamed up with some fellow students from the film production course to shoot another short film. This one is very VFX heavy and is supposed to provide me with enough opportunities to create an awesome showreel for next year. Pete Ramsay played the main character brilliantly, so prepare to be blown away :)

There are many different kinds of techniques necessary to realize all the VFX. Some of them I already know, some of them I have to look into first. I wanted to set myself a challenge because that simply is the best way to learn. I am looking foreward to do character animation and object tracking for the first time ever. There will be a lot of destruction work so I have been looking into Houdini for quite a while. I can not wait to present my first results.

This is an example shot for the object tracking I need to do. In the film, the protagonist uses an alien weapon. I looked into 3D printing to create this gun but it was waaaay to expensive at this scale. So I made this rig out of PVC pipes to be able to replace it later with a CGI weapon-

#VFX #Burning #Skies #Visual #Effects #Film #Summer

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