The port was part of a set design assignment. It was meant to be place in a fantasy story, but inspired by real, existing architecture. I was influenced by different mediterranean cultures, especially Roman and Greek to define the design. I also took inspiration from many other sources.

I found this building on my first visit in Stoke-on-Trent. Positioned right next to a gas station, it felt completely out of place. To me it always looked somewhat like a roman bath house or meeting hall. So I used some of the features to improve my design.

Modelling and UV mapping was done in Maya, texturing in Photoshop and Mari. I created the trees in Speedtree, the water is a combination of animated softbody and bump. For the foam I created an animated texture by eroding a noise texture back and forth. The cloth simulation was done with Ncloth in Maya. The birds and the background trees are particle simulations, done in Maya. The scene was rendered in Arnold with the default shaders

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